Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Goodbye DIY, Hello DIV (Do It Vine)...

As we all now, the "DIY" is something all of us at The Vine support. We have workshops, weddings, blogs and more to support lots of DIY ideas. BUT, as we all know for something like your wedding or dinner party DIY can really end up being just as expensive as paying someone to do the work.  And when its all said and done does it REALLY end up being DIY? Probably not!!!! 
Don't settle for less just because your being budget conscious. The Vine is here to offer tons of DIY ideas to help you have the perfect special event, wedding or dinner party. All you need to do is just ask for help! Look at some of our projects from the past:

 The Vine has perfected white washing pots!!! This gives your container that extra touch.
 Ask us about aging your own pots for that mossy look we all want
 Collect old bottles? They can be used as aisle markers or lanterns at your next event.
 This bride ordered these adorable AND affordable pots and placed succulents in them as table decor then passed them out as gifts at the end of her reception.
You've purchased one of The Vine's specialty moss mounds, but getting a little tired of it??? Use it for your season or Holiday centerpiece. Bring it in and we will help recreate your mound!!!
 Having a dinner party, but can't decide what containers to use? You would be surprised how many amazing containers you have in storage, closets or even on a bookshelf. Let us help you choose the perfect look for your ideal table scape.

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